b2b lead generation

Strategic Marketing Services

  • Strategy First! Any good creative process needs to map out the goals and expectations before anything is created
  • Copy Copy Copy! Writing to build value and engage your target audience
  • Refinement is key. Nothing is ever 100% and we strive to constantly work on and improve upon everything we create
  • Let us be the strategic marketing services “Secret weapon” your competitors wish they had available to them

Do you lack an organizational “marketing person” and require a virtual CMO to help get things started?

We offer Strategic Marketing Services in a very similar fashion to our B2B Lead Generation Campaigns. Working alongside with you, helping build your company up.

Our initial consultation digs deep. Maybe deeper than you have been comfortable in the past looking at your business introspectively. Not with malice in mind, or to “make you feel like you need us” because that’s not the intent. We have to learn about everything we’re doing wrong to improve, while building on top of the things we’re finding success with.

From the execution standpoint we have little to no limitations. Design, Video, Web are all available in-house with OMAIUSA. From initial concept and strategy… to complete execution. We are here to be your strategic marketing partner.

We can help you setup and build your own outbound advertising campaigns utilizing the LinkedIn Ad platform. Our CSO Steve Lichtman has budgeted millions on the LinkedIn ad platform and will work with you one-on-one through his process to identify and advertise to your perfect match online.