Steve Lichtman - Chief Strategy Officer

Steve Lichtman, the Chief Strategy Officer of OMAIUSA, joined while in college and jumped right into the fires of OMAIUSA learning the telemarketing industry from the ground up. From delivering checks to employees in the early 90s, to now leading the charge into the next decade as OMAI’s Chief Strategy Officer. Steve worked his way up every single rung of the ladder, always with a smile on his face ready to tackle the next challenge.

Having a Dad working at IBM gave him the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the personal computing boom of the 80s leading to a lifelong passion for all things tech. That has kept on over the years morphing into a love for showing both consultants and brands how to leverage social media, marketing automation, and all things digital marketing.

Steve Lichtman

From the depths of IBM PartnerWorld’s call centers and marketing design meetings, managing OMAIUSA with his father, and working with private coaching clients.. Steve loves unpacking problems and finding creative solutions. During a 5 year break from OMAI he worked as the Chief Marketing Officer and Client Strategist for Australia’s largest trust-based sales coaching platform, Unlock The Sales Game.

But what about the rest? Steve is a husband and father, artist, writer, crafter, unabashed metalhead, maker, and all-around eccentric being. His family also takes care of 4 rescued pets (1 giant dog and 3 cats) and regularly spends time volunteering for local animal shelters.

As an eternal optimist one of my beliefs is that anything is possible if you put in the work and care about your outcomes.