Steve Lichtman – CSO

Steve Lichtman, the Chief Strategy Officer of OMAIUSA, was born in Orlando, Florida in 1973. Straight out of college and into the fires of OMAIUSA learning the telemarketing and sales business from the ground up. From delivering checks to employees in the early 90s, to now leading the charge into the next decade as OMAI’s Chief Strategy Officer. Steve worked his way up every single rung of the ladder, always with a smile on his face ready to tackle the next challenge.

Having a Dad working at IBM gave him the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of the personal computing boom of the 80s leading him to a lifelong passion for all things tech. That has kept on over the years morphing into a love for showing both consultants and brands how to leverage social media, marketing automation, and all things digital marketing.

From the depths of IBM PartnerWorld’s call centers and marketing design meetings, running OMAIUSA with his father, private coaching clients, and taking a 5 year break from OMAI while delivering for one of the biggest global business authority platforms out of Australia as their Chief Strategy Manager. It’s been an amazing road and Steve has met some fantastic people along the way.

Steve Lichtman’s Personal Info

Steve has an extensive creative background in both the physical and digital space. His passions include spending time with his wife and daughter, rock and roll, a lifelong NY Knicks fan, and hanging out with his rescue pets.

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