OMAIUSA was created in 1992, with the guidance of IBM, to be a executive-level digital agency serving the technology, consulting, and business services sector.

For the past 28 years we have partnered with clients who need a strategic advantage for their projects to achieve their desired results and milestones. Our trace IBM DNA gives us a level of ethics and focus that is unwavering, and we have held onto that throughout our companies history.

Our goal is simple. Increase brand awareness, find a companies influencers, and help them take action with our clients. That can come from direct conversation with our executive-level salesforce, creative graphics/web work, or a social media campaign to name a few. Every relationship we forge is one-of-a-kind and the strategy implemented with you drives our focus.

We have led the way in ‘working virtual’ since our first days back in 1992, giving seasoned pros who no longer want the rigor of a city commute or full-time employment to have a place where they can succeed while imparting knowledge in their preferred environment.

Our Advantages:
  • Every project includes a strategy session to optimize the messaging, targeting, creative, objection handling, and analytic milestones of your campaign.
  • 28 years of expertise working with SMB companies and partners to Fortune 500.
  • C-Suite specialists on our outbound team. Peer-to-Peer intellectual dialogs, never script-reading.
  • Virtual partnership. No space or benefits needed. Instant scaleability.
Ways we can help your business growth:
  • Strategy, Strategy, Strategy! Nothing happens without it.
  • Building executive level awareness of your product or service.
  • A creative content plan for your company brand to maximize growth.
  • Securing Qualified Leads, Appointments, Event Attendees.
  • Design, Web, Social. We love creating.
  • Recruiting and supporting channel partners, forging new business alliances.
Consider, Imagine, Think. Your company deserves it.
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