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At the start of each quarter we ask sales and marketing executives a series of questions which directly address their current business status, their plans to secure revenue for the coming quarter, the resources they plan to utilize, budgets, and how they are challenging their competition and increasing their market share.

Knowing the trends is huge. What worked last year or quarter may be completely invalid now. Especially when dealing with an ever-changing culture and business climate.

6 Questions we ask all Marketing & Sales Executives

1. Is your revenue pipeline satisfactory and will you be on target for the next year?
2. Do you have a strategy in place for business growth for the next 6, 12, or 18+ months to achieve revenue and P&L goals?
3. Are projects being completed by the appropriate person? Or are you wasting high paid executives on projects below their pay grade because you lack bandwidth.
4. Are your key prospects unopposed by your industry competition?
5. If your budget is tight, are you investing in the most cost-effective resources available?
6. Are you always finding high-end opportunities and relationships to approach you?
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