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Hourly Mentoring for your Inside Sales reps.

The Senior Sales Executives at Outsource Marketing offer hourly mentoring sessions via teleconference with inside salesreps at technology and consulting firms. The experience base of Outsource Marketing’s team of specialists spans not only technology solutions but the needs of individual industries and market sectors. If you need a full class you may want to check out our full Sales Training program.

Hourly Mentoring topics can include:

  • Marketing / Sales Strategies
  • High-impact Talking Points
  • Differentiators
  • Objection Handling
  • other Components of the Demand-Creation Cycle.

Topics can also include reviews of specific sales situations – challenges being encountered by inside salesreps – gaining access to the right executives, ‘strategy cards’ to utilize when contact is made, creating interest leading to bona fide appointments, leads, live or web-based events.

Outsource Marketing’s Hourly Mentoring builds confidence.

Hourly Mentoring

With the stakes so high on individual sales situations and with quotas at stake in a challenging economy. An investment of one hour can provide the necessary strategic tools to overcome resistance and create a positive sales environment leading to potential proposals and closed contracts. Better training of your inside sales reps and confidence boosting mentoring is a great way to reach out to your team in a positive and reinforcing way.

Outsource Marketing will submit to you a proposal for these Hourly Mentoring Sessions based on the mentoring criteria required when your request is made. Fees are per hour, per attendee. Group sessions are available as are individual one-on-ones. Priced for virtually any firm needing skills enhancements and strategic advice from hourly mentoring.