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Outsource Marketing Associates Inc. (OMAI USA)  is a Professional Virtual Tech SalesForce located in Oceanside, NY on Long Island.

Outsource Marketing was created in 1992 with the guidance of IBM. Helping extend the reach, market share, time management and profitability of its clients.

OMAI USA benefits with No script-reading. No space or benefits required. No hiring tickets required. Easy exit if plans change.

Instant credibility with Vice Presidents, Directors, C-levels: Essential for gaining access and securing strong opportunities in 2016. A powerful competitive edge to have in your marketplace.

outsource marketing

OMAI USA Advantages and Value-Adds:

  • Expertise and focus on serving the technology and services sectors. Knowledge of virtually all industries, their needs for solutions and decision criteria.
  • Peer-to-Peer intellectual dialogs. No script-reading. Instant credibility that commands respect from fellow executives. A powerful competitive edge in the 2016 marketplace.
  • All calls originate in the United States and Canada for maximum clarity and impact. No space or benefits needed. No hiring tickets required. Strong quality scalability if volumes or needs expand.
  • Each campaign includes a customized Strategic Consultation / Branding Session which helps optimize the messaging, targeting, objection handling, and mission achievement of your marketing campaign with Outsource Marketing.

Ways Outsource Marketing can help your business:

  • Creating executive level awareness of your product and / or service.
  • Securing Qualified Technology Sales Leads and Appointments.
  • Issuing Event Invitations and Confirmations (web, live, lunch-and-learns, etc).
  • Following-up on Trade Shows (also calling those who could not attend for a virtual walk-through).
  • Building and Updating Calling Lists for improved staff productivity.
  • Conducting Surveys and Market Intelligence.
  • Cross-Selling to Build Loyalty and Revenue.
  • Recruiting and supporting channel partners / alliances.

Let Outsource Marketing be your Virtual Tech Sales force.