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OMAIUSA was created in 1992 to be a professional-level telemarketing firm serving the technology, consulting, and services sector. With profound differences from traditional call-center scripted service providers. We provide high quality technology sales leads and appointments for our clients.

Our clients include IT Equipment, Software and Solution providers; Professional and Managed-Services firms; Communications and Networking firms; Staff Augmentation specialists. (Start-ups to the Fortune 50).

OMAIUSA links via the internet senior alumni formerly with major technology, consulting, and financial firms throughout the United States and Canada – forming customized calling teams based on specific client and project need, regardless of the caller’s physical venue. This powerful flexibility and scalability directly affects campaign results and ROI.

We are pleased to provide our staff roster listing (names and backgrounds) to prospective clients considering engaging OMAIUSA for specific pilot demand-generation or event-related projects. We believe that those firms evaluating us as a marketing ally are entitled to know exactly the names and caliber of team representing them as calls to executives begin.

Our firm’s key mission is to secure highly qualified leads, appointments, and event attendees while providing our clients a powerful and affordable competitive edge in gaining access to VPs, Directors, and C-levels.

OMAIUSA has one Ultimate Goal:

Increase clients’ revenue, market-share, profitability, and staff ROI while reducing risk and cost.

OMAIUSA callers do not read scripts. We speak peer-to-peer with decision-makers and influencers, building trust and credibility instantly. The principal dividend of these discussions is a higher quality sales lead, appointment, and event attendee – each essential to converting potential opportunities to drive P&L and quota-attainment achievements.

Team structure is purely virtual. Linking sales and IT professionals throughout the United States and Canada via the internet; forming customized calling teams based on individual skills, experience, track record, availability, industry focus, campaign requirements, and other attributes. Enhancing quality scalability as needs dictate. Offering maximum diversity as far as industry, technology, and solution background.

The absence of an expensive call center means that OMAIUSA can invest more in recruiting highly qualified callers and managers – directly benefiting its clients in the form of higher quality leads and appointments.

To enhance the affordability of its services to even start-ups, OMAIUSA offers two types of marketing campaigns:

  • (a) Demand Generation, full service Demand Generation campaigns starting in 25 hour blocks.
  • (b) Executive Door Openers, Perfect for jumpstarting webinars, surveying the marketplace, warming up and building a stronger database of potential prospects. Many firms prefer to use our Executive Door Opener (EDO) service first as a gateway to the Demand Generation campaigns.

Brand and Image Preservation are the umbrella over any marketing campaign. One of our key value-adds is the elegance, professionalism, and intellectual preparation for all calls so that the image of the OMAIUSA client is preserved and expanded – especially important in challenging economies and competitive markets.

Right now is arguably the most challenging marketplace in a decade to secure highly qualified leads and appointments that convert to true revenue. OMAIUSA’s special team of sales executives was created for exactly this environment.

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