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At the start of each quarter we ask sales and marketing executives a series of questions which directly address their current business status, their plans to secure revenue for the coming quarter, the resources they plan to utilize, budgets, and how they are challenging their competition and increasing their market share.

They’re getting it on all fronts from vendors, suppliers, and service providers. Knowing the trends is huge. What worked last year or quarter may be completely invalid now. Especially when dealing with technology products and services.

6 Questions OMAIUSA asks all Marketing & Sales Executives:

How is your true revenue pipeline and will you be on target for the year?

Do you really want scripted telemarketers to determine if your firm achieves revenue and P&L goals?

How do you feel watching your high-paid salesreps cold-calling all day?  Is there a better option?

Is competition penetrating your key prospects right now and are you challenging them effectively?

If your marketing budget and MDF funds are tight, are you investing in the most cost-effective resources available?

Are you tired of weak leads, RFIs and tire-kickers that have little chance of generating revenue?

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