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Reach Executives Now

The first quarter of every year is critical to reach executives, showcase your offerings,  overcome competitive messages, and build an never-ending flow of positive pipeline for your business.

Budgets are now in place.  MDF or 3rd party funds have been allocated.   Strategy meetings are either complete or taking place. If you have a message to decision-makers as to why they should select your product, offering, service or solution, now is the time.

OMAI looks at a 12-month year as a series of ‘decision-cycles’, where a bell-curve can be created tracking propensity to listen and evaluate, propensity to select, and propensity to purchase. They all start to converge during calendar Q1.


In a poor or struggling economy, decision-makers and influencers must use enhanced levels of justification in selecting vendors and solutions. Whether the firm is privately held or public, increased scrutiny comes from the CFO’s office, the President’s, and often line managers who have strict budgets that must be allocated according to priority and ROI.

How do we reach executives?

OMAI combines these various and often competing factors in crafting messages that executives relate to:   They appeal to ROI, to risk reduction, to revenue generation, to staff productivity, to competitive positioning, and to respect for budgets and the natural restrictions that accompany a down economic cycle.

Even traditional media adjusts to the times and circumstances of a dynamic marketplace and economy. OMAI, with its non-scripted executive dialogs, can accomplish this real-time. A powerful advantage that can convert to augmenting business volumes immediately.


Ray Lichtman

Ray Lichtman received his BS from Rensselaer Polytech in 1966 and his MBA from Columbia University in 1968. Then 24 years with IBM as senior marketing representative for new business, and 22 years as president of OMAI. Focused on helping technology and consulting firms expand revenue and market share while optimizing staff performance.