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    Optimize Your Staff’s Time

    In-house sales and marketing staffs should not be cold-calling. They should be closing business and achieving revenue, quota, bonus, profitability, and other performance goals. OMAI acts as a professional front-end to inside sales and marketing teams.

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    Technology Focus

    OMAI’s focus since its founding has been expertise in marketing technology products, services, software, and solutions. Our experts understand the lifeline these offerings provide any firm seeking greater profitability, market share, and control.

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    The Power of Virtual

    OMAI's business model is pure virtual - linking top professionals throughout the US and Canada to form customized calling teams. Virtual means unlimited quality scalability, plus insuring the right skills are available for each go-to-market campaign.

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    Renting Makes Sense

    When the economy is uncertain, renting highly skilled tech marketing reps makes sense. Financially, Logistically, and Competitively. Results can be achieved with maximum flexibility and the least complications.

Under one roof, OMAI’s Virtual Salesforce and our Digital Design partner KJN Arts can provide your business:

  • Exec-level Telemarketing (with guarantees and refund feature)
  • Partner Recruitment and Support
  • Event invitations, confirmations, follow-ups
  • Rollouts of new offerings and services

OMAI USA also offers a host of extended services that go beyond the traditional B2B and C-Suite telemarketing campaigns. These services can give any campaign an additional edge over your competition and make your next product launch or services roll-out a huge success.

  • Research and Market Intelligence
  • Customized Deliverables (Print and/or Digital)
  • Social Media Strategy and Deployment
  • E-mail campaigns with full reporting
  • Sales Training and Skills Enhancement
  • Sales Help-Desk
  • Custom Calling and Email Lists

Everything a growing tech firm needs, at fees starting under $1K.

For more information Contact us by calling 516-594-0588 or emailing