The Logic And Power Of A Virtual Tech Salesforce

Profitize Time

In-house staffs should NOT be cold-calling. Especially in Q3 and Q4 when closing business is #1

Real Dialogs

Stronger leads come from conversations that are peer-to-peer, credible, and unscripted.

Our Guarantee

Demand-gen campaigns include performance guarantees. Entire projects start under $2K bundled.

Tech Focus

Showcasing Managed IT Services, Products, Software, Solutions; and their P&L benefits.

25 Years Opening Executive Doors For The Technology Sector

A Parallel Path to Decision-Makers. Multiplying Odds of Success.

A Second Salesforce Without The Complications Or Risk

OMAIUSA, Inc. Is A Rentable Virtual Salesforce That Drives Revenue, Market-share, and Profitability.
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A Second Salesforce At Your Disposal

Lack Creatives? YES! We Do That Too.

OMAIUSA was created in 1992

to be a professional-level telemarketing firm serving the technology, consulting, and services sector. With profound differences from traditional call-center scripted service providers. We provide high quality technology sales leads and appointments for our clients.